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Variety 4 Pack
Variety 4 Pack
Variety 4 Pack
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What Are Ketones?
How Are Ketones Produced?
How Does Tecton Produce Energy?
Can I take too much of Tecton’s Ketone?
Are there negative side-effects of consuming Tecton’s Ketones?
  • Human cells can only process two things for energy. Glucose/sugar or ketones.
  • Ketones are nature’s evolutionary way of helping humans survive extreme effort and/or starvation.
  • Our livers produced ketones to give our ancestors a leg up with more endurance and cognitive energy to escape predators or find scarce food!
  • This was before humans found a way to add carbohydrates to almost all processed foods!
  • In more scientific terms, Ketones are short chain fatty acids produced in the liver when the body experiences starvation, or when you restrict carbohydrates and increase fats, such as in a Ketogenic Diet.This process induces a starvation-like state which produces ketone bodies.
  • Ketones utilize oxygen more efficiently in the generation of cellular energy (ATP) than sugar. This helps with added endurance, muscle recovery and cognitive health.
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