Magma Ingredients

We have made the cleanest and purest form of a beverage we know how to make. Tecton is produced through a tunnel pasteurization process (heat treatment) which allows us to avoid noxious preservatives. We’ve used natural (plant) flavors and colors. And to ensure that our product can be consumed during a fast without breaking it, the product is lightly sweetened with natural monk fruit extract (without any artificial sweeteners or additives). 

The 50 calories come from Ketones. These calories are not like sugar calories, and are pure energy that you use or lose (does not convert to fat). Our stellar safety data was published in the peer reviewed journal, Nutrients.



Fat 0g

Carbs 0g

Protein 0g

Tecton KetonesTM 10g


Monk Fruit Extract (less than 1%)

Sugars 0g

Erythritol 0g

Aspartame/Aritificial Sweeteners 0g


Sodium 35mg (2% DV)

Calcium 40mg (3% DV)

Potassium 55mg (1% DV)


Artificial Preservatives 0

Full Ingredient List

Filtered Water

10 grams of Tecton KetonesTM 

Natural Flavors

Less than 1% of following:

  • Citric Acid, Calcium, Monk Fruit, Potassium, Monopotassium Phosphate, Fruit & Vegetable Juices (for color), Sodium Chloride.